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What is a CDN and why should I use one?

What is a CDN and why should I use one?

A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of servers designed to better serve websites and content globally. When a user attempts to load a page, CDNs will deliver content from the server that is closest to the user. This reduces latency and allows sites to load faster, resulting in a better user experience.

Does Website Pro use a CDN?

All sites powered by brandSuite's Website Pro utilize Google’s cloud CDN. As Google has server centers across the globe, Website Pro sites will function well regardless of the user’s physical location.

Can I turn off the CDN?

If you wish to disable the CDN for your site, you can do so from the Website Pro Dashboard. Here, you’ll see a toggle titled Enable CDN. This is on by default, but clicking the option will turn off the CDN for your site.

It is recommeded that you keep Website Pro's CDN on unless you will be using your own CDN service

Updated on: 09/07/2021

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