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How to transfer your existing Google Workspace to brandSuite

Transferring your existing Google Workspace to brandSuite's Google Workspace is simple, quick, and free

G Suite Business and G Suite Basic subscriptions will be upgraded to Google Workspace subscriptions at the time of transfer. Contact the reseller for options and pricing. If you have multiple G Suite editions, you'll need to contact your Google Sales representative or Google Cloud partner support to perform the transfer for you.

Please note, once you've transferred over to brandSuite, we will be responsible for billing you for Google Workspace, not Google.

Here are the simple steps to transfer over:

To transfer the management of your account, you'll need our reseller id, this associates your account with our system.

Our reseller id is C02e5br85.

1.) Sign in to your Google Admin console (sign in using an account with super administrator privileges).
2.) Go to Retrieve Transfer Token.
3.) Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
4.) Under Enter Reseller's Public Identifier, enter our public identifier (C02e5br85).
5.) Click Confirm Reseller Identifier.
6.) Click Generate Transfer Token.
7.) Click Copy Code. Make a note of your transfer token code.
8.) Share the transfer token code with your brandSuite rep.

The transfer takes effect as soon as we receive the transfer token and complete the transfer of your account.
Transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated. If your token expires or you lose your token, sign in again and repeat the steps above.

That's it! Simple, right?

Updated on: 07/03/2022

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