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How to pay Invoices through brandSuite


We know simplicity is key in the small business world, therefore, brandSuite stand by our religious saying:
Customer experience is our priority."

To further streamline brandSuite's all-in-one experience, we've decided to add Invoicing and Payments directly into brandSuite. This guide explains how to pay your invoice for your brandSuite services from your brandSuite App.

NOTE: Invoices for Brandarrow Agency services cannot be paid through brandSuite. Invoices for Brandarrow services will be sent separately and paid through Wave Payments. For more information or questions on this, please email:


Invoices for brandSuite will be sent digitally by email while also appearing in the Invoices tab in the brandSuite App.

To pay your invoice through brandSuite: Click on the invoice, this will direct you to a landing page that displays all line items on the invoice and allows you to pay via credit or debit card.

It will look similar to what is shown above. After an invoice has been paid, you can click Download as PDF to save the receipt in PDF format. Your statement will indicate the following in the description: "BRANDSUITE, BRANDARROW".

That's it! You're good to go.


TIP: Setting up Auto-pay enables you to be eligible for a $10.00 monthly discount.

Setting up Auto-pay is quite simple and can be done from your brandSuite Dashboard!

On the left hand side of your brandSuite, you should see a navigation menu. If you do not, click the "Menu" button at the top left (indicated by a small shop icon). On this menu, scroll down til you see "Settings". Click on "Settings" and a drop-down menu will appear. From this drop-down menu, select the "Billing Settings" option and choose the card that you'd like to enable Auto-pay using. In some cases, the payment method may already be there, in that case just ensure that it is selected. Stripe will securely save your payment method for your next invoices.

To confirm that it has been successfully enabled and to request your "Auto-pay Discount" of $10.00 per month, please submit a billing ticket on our support page, found here. You can do so by clicking "Submit a Ticket" at the upmost top right, then filling in the information requested. For the Subject, please type "Auto-pay Discount". At the category option, please choose "Billing". Lastly, under the Message section, please type "Auto-pay Discount Request for {YOUR BUSINESS NAME}".

And that's all to it

Updated on: 11/08/2021

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