When you import an existing site into Website Pro, your WordPress users will not initially be able to log in. To maintain your users’ ability to log in, you have two options.

Option 1

Simply delete all existing WordPress users and create brandSuite users for each person who you would like to access the site. The first time they go to the WordPress Dashboard, a WordPress users with Administrator access will be created using their email.

Option 2

Create a brandSuite user for each of your existing WordPress users. Existing WordPress users will need a brandSuite user created with the same email to be able to log in.

Note: Emails must be the same. For example, if Bob is a WordPress user with the email robert@email.com, the brandSuite user that gets created for Bob must use robert@email.com and not bob@email.com. If you create a brandSuite user for Bob with the email bob@email.com, a new WordPress user will be created for Bob with bob@email.com and Bob will now have two WordPress users.
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