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How to connect QuickBooks to brandSuite

How to connect QuickBooks to brandSuite

You can connect your new or existing QuickBooks account to brandSuite with just a few clicks. Note that this connection must be made by the primary business user. Once connected, your QuickBooks account will be able to see and interact with the data that QuickBooks sends to brandSuite.

From brandSuite > Settings > Connections, the QuickBooks connection card will be visible. Click on the + button to begin connecting.

From here, the user will be taken to a QuickBooks login screen to enter their credentials. 

Once signed in, the user must provide permission for the connection. Simply click "connect". 

With that, the connection is complete. Now, QuickBooks data will appear in the Executive Report, and QuickBooks Online will be accessible from the side navigation of brandSuite.

Updated on: 09/07/2021

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