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How should I configure my DNS records to connect to Website Pro?

DNS Records are an important and necessary part of of the web. You can learn more about them from the article What are DNS records?

To connect your domain to Website Pro, it must have either an A Record, or a CNAME:

A Records
If an A Record is required then it should point to
CNAME Records
It is recommended that sites use a CNAME Record pointing to

You should also be aware that CAA Records (if present) can prevent Website Pro from obtaining an SSL/TLS certificate and securely serving traffic:

You don’t need one at all. If there is no CAA Record then any issuer can provide valid SSL/TLS certificates
If you do want to a CAA Record (which is more secure) then you must allow to be a certificate authority. Let’s Encrypt is the certificate authority Website Pro uses to generate and renew SSL certificates.

Updated on: 09/07/2021

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